Pangal Music

I'm Sebastian Olivares De Simone. I'm a classically trained composer and producer. I grew up in the South of Chile close to a secret beach, and my namesake, called Pangal. 


I work creating music for different kinds of media with Agencies and Music Libraries such as Tonosfera in Latin America, Bed Tracks in Canada, Music Publishers as Addictive Tracks in the UK, MIBE Music in New York, Trailer Publishers as Trailer Rebel in Germany and Phantom Power in California.

I really like synthesizers and electronic music, especially techno and house. This has allowed me to expand my musical, technical, and artistic knowledge to some other styles and the art of sound design, with a different approach than my usual way-- sheet music and a pencil. 



I strive to achieve excellence in any artistic challenge that could be part of my work and to keep creating music for personal and aesthetic reasons. I want to highlight the images, emotions, and messages of any media products or projects.

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