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sebastian pangal

Composer, Music Producer and Mixing Engineer.

I have created music in various genres for different types of Artists, Audiovisual Media, Video Games, Music Publishers and Music Libraries around the World.

My approach to music is very versatile, exploring sensorial parts of sound in electronic music and textures of modern music as well as epic orchestral and film hybrid music. This has allowed me to develop a good music catalog and my own publishing house, Pangal Music, which has distributed my music across different industries. I have also worked with Music Libraries and Trailer Houses in Europe and the USA such as Artlist, Audiio, Score a Score, Phantom Power, Icon Trailer Music, Trailer Rebel, among others.

I also have two parallel projects of electronic and world music called "Pangal" and "Migra". Both have released various works with international labels such as Awen Records, Big Mamas House Records, Black Kat Records and Putumayo World Music.

You can find all my music on every streaming platform. For special inquiries reach out to
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